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24 HOURS OF HAPPY wins Site of the Month for DECEMBER

The World's first 24 hour music video

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 It's with great pleasure we present to you the Site of the Month for December "24 HOURS OF HAPPY" the incredible creation from Anonymous, Iconoclast Interactive and We Are From LAThe World's first 24 hour music video.

24 Hours of Happy 

It is without a doubt one of the most refreshing and revitalizing websites we have seen in a while. The project consists of an interactive music video for “Happy” which allows you to watch Pharrell Williams and his many, many friends dancing along to the song at all hours of the day!

24 hours of happy

This incredibly viral project draws you in - you can literally spend 24 hours discovering new characters and hilarious scenarios which accompany a song that we just don't get tired of hearing. It really does make us happy! Very soon, we will bring you, our Awwwards community, more of the technical details surrounding this great piece of web art.

24 hours of Happy Site of the month 

Book winners

The winners of the e-book Front-end Style Guides this month are:

  • Pete Houston
  • Velja Matic


Front-end Style Guides

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