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20 Websites with Fullscreen Video

20 beautiful examples of video in websites for your entertainment today

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Video has always been one of the most effective tools in communication. When it's combined with the powers of the web, there's no stopping the reach a campaign can have. Though, incorporating video isn't a good technique in every single case. It's most effective when you're dealing with bands, luxury brands, fashion shows, advertising campaigns or film and TV, so make your choice wisely.

Whether you use HTML5 or Flash, incorporating video in a web site is guaranteed to be impacting for your users and will most definitely increase their engagement. Of course, HTML5 is the way to go nowadays since it allows users to enjoy the site from the comfort of their smartphones... And there are loads of tutorials for implementation, just take a look at this link.

But without getting too technical, we'd like to leave you with a compliation of 20 beautiful examples of video in websites for your entertainment today.


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