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20 Websites that Play with Audio and Music

Beautiful Music Websites for Design Inspiration

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Sound: a formidable and very interesting resource that has never had much of a place on the Web. Landing on a website from the musical territory and being unexpectedly hit with a blast of sound is a common negative criticism. In many places the music is annoying, and how hard it often is to find the icon to stop it!

However, within the universe of Web multimedia Audio is a unique medium for conveying information, not only in terms of content but in the form of sensations that promote a user experience that the image alone cannot always achieve. It is not always easy to include, and it’s certainly not an appropriate resource to use everywhere.

However, in other cases it may be a great solution. On musical-themed websites it’s inevitable and necessary, one could hardly understand a site of this nature without the medium of audio. Properly structuring the presentation of sound resources is essential and the best way to learn is by looking at sites we like, that convince us and provide us with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The websites we have selected below represent just a few examples of good application of sound and music on the Web:

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