14 Red Web Designs for Inspiration

Red is the color of passion, the color of blood and, they say, the color of winners

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Scarlet, crimson, burgundy, ruby, magenta, rust... they all belong to the family of the color red. Red is the color of passion, the color of blood and, they say, the color of winners. It's a very flexible color when it comes to style, for example, if used only for subtle highlights with large and even amounts of black and white the result is classic, sober and elegant and never goes out of style. If, on the contrary, it's used in large amounts with streaks of white, it gives a young and very fun feeling.
Red intensifies our physical reactions, it's alluring, it suggests confidence, and maybe even a bit of danger. If you want to catch somebody's attention, the color red is most definitely the best choice.
Today we're featuring 14 websites that use red as their main color or have a strong presence of the color red. If you want to see more websites that use the color red visit this post: Red Website Designs.

  • JWI Louvres

  • Warchild

  • Zeitgeistbot

  • Aaugh

  • Mark Lawrence Design

  • Youth Against Sudoku

  • Le 28 Thiers

  • Café Rouge

  • North2 Web Design Studio

  • Flow Festival

  • Project 1000

  • Struck Axiom

  • Manufacture D'essai

  • The Many Faces Of

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