1000 Pixel Perfect Mini Icons for Web Designers

At times we need to make use of icons to help improve the design

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At times we need to make use of icons to help improve the design and understanding of the site, but at the same time they go a little unnoticed, without undue prominence. These Mini Icon Sets are also an excellent complement to minimalist and elegant websites, which traditionally are used in silver, black or white.

For the moment, you should download these tiny icons which can help you make the difference between a dull website design and an exquisite one.

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  • 120 Mini Vector Icons - Vol 1

  • 120 Mini Vector Icons - Vol 2

  • 120 Mini Vector Icons - Vol 3

  • Cotyledon

  • Northwood Icons Volume 1

  • Northwood Icons Volume 2

  • Northwood Icons Volume 3

  • Ho ho ho Icons

  • Minicons - Pack 1

  • Minicons - Pack 2

  • Positive Geo and Eco icon Set

  • Positive Documents icon set

  • Sanscons icons set

  • Minimalist Pixel Icon Set

  • 144 pixel icons pack


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