Savey - Branding

CROING created and designed the branding for Savey, a credit insurance company that helps its clients save time and money.

The branding service included naming, conceptualization, logo design and brandbook.

The name Savey is a combination of three words: Save + Time + Money thus aligning the brand's mission.

For the logo design we wanted to create a more fun and conceptual logo: as one of Savey's main concepts is the search for the best insurance rates for everyone, we looked for one of the best trackers in the animal kingdom: Grizzly Bear. Its sense of smell is even stronger than that of a bloodhound.

In this way, Savey Bear will guide its users to the best insurance and the best rate faster than any other similar service.

In addition, the colors and typography were designed with the financial industry in mind.

Project Details

  • Clean
  • Flat Design
  • Graphic design