Le Petit Québec

Reptile is launching the new website for Le Petit Québec restaurants. This includes photo shoots, design, development of new features, in-store displays, and social media management. We are excited to introduce you to this brand new project!

Le Petit Québec is a fast-food chain that offers delicious choices of typical Quebec cuisine. As of April 2023, the chain has 13 stores located mainly in the Montreal area.

The website has undergone a complete refurbishment while maintaining the graphic identity of its restaurants. The updated website now includes essential functionalities for the successful development of the fast food company. Here's a summary:

  • A dynamic and comprehensive menu that is now available online.
  • A dedicated space for ordering and delivery, integrated with various external platforms.
  • New group offers! Discounts are now available based on the order amount, and Le Petit Québec can now be contacted in advance for group orders to liven up your events.
  • A comprehensive list of restaurants: each restaurant is now listed on the site, presenting its available services, contacts, opening and closing hours, and more.
  • A dedicated franchisee area: all the information required to open a franchise is now available online, and a contact area has been opened to initiate discussions with management.
  • A recruitment section: candidates can now apply directly on the website using a dynamic form, which provides information about the company, its values, and the available positions.

The project was primarily brought to life through a week-long photo shoot. Thanks to the experience of our designers, editors, and the skills of a culinary photographer, many elements of the brand were updated, including:

  • A refreshed menu, available both online and in printed format at the stores,
  • Updated restaurant displays,
  • Emphasis on unique products offered by the chain,
  • A dynamic, modern, and personalized website that reflects the brand's human touch,
  • And many other elements that can be discovered by visiting the chain's restaurants.

The mission does not end there as Reptile turns its clients into business partners. Our teams will continue to produce digital and physical elements based on the seasons, evolution of the restaurants, trends, and news.

Additionally, Reptile is responsible for managing Le Petit Québec restaurants' social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms have been created with a new strategic communication approach in mind.


We look forward to a dynamic and collaborative relationship with Le Petit Québec restaurants!

Project Details

  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Forms and Input