Talent Professionals, Freelancers and Students
  • Zhenya Rynzhuk
    Zhenya Rynzhuk
    United States
    Product design | Visual design | Mobile design | Web design | UX design | Interface design | Interface animations
  • Aaron Bolton
    Aaron Bolton
    United States
    American living in Asia. I bring engaging graphic and user interface design to desktop and mobile web projects.
  • Ryan Lockwood
    Ryan Lockwood
    United States
    Creative Direction + Design; concept, UI/UX, marketing & advertising, motion, experiential/interactive
  • Charles Haggas
    Charles Haggas
    United States
    Product manager, UI/UX designer, Strategist and Brand Architect at Brightscout.
  • brandondurham
    United States
    The happiest front-end developer in the world
  • Nikola Keavy
    Nikola Keavy
    United States
    Hi, I'm Nikola, an Art Director based in San Francisco
  • ONNO
    United States
    Design studio driven by simplicity, curiosity and creativity. Working with international clients across a diverse range of platforms and disciplines.
  • Dhruv Avdhesh
    Dhruv Avdhesh
    United States
    Brain of a Techie, yet heart of an Artist!
  • Dan Spencer
    Dan Spencer
    United States
    UX designer at Demi Creative.
  • Ryan Wiemer
    Ryan Wiemer
    United States
    Web developer and designer based in Oakland, California.
  • bean
    United States
    Small but powerful development & design shop located in Los Angeles. Web design and susbequent buildout as well as iPhone/iOS development.
  • Raphael Rauwolf
    Raphael Rauwolf
    United States
    Creative Developer @RefreshStudio. Javascript Nerd. WebGL Enthusiast.
  • Ebby Amir
    Ebby Amir
    United States
    Ebby is a New York & Tokyo-based designer/developer, creating engaging digital experiences for media and e-commerce brands.
  • diegofunken
    United States
    Based in Brooklyn, New York, Diego is a Chilean motion designer and visual artist developing content for film, experiential, installations and more.
  • spencer.fink
    United States
    Looking for an opportunity to learn from the masters and innovators who challenge and push the edges of design to create truly world-class results.
  • Aksel Ceylan
    Aksel Ceylan
    United States
    Aksel Ceylan is an art director and graphic designer with more than 9 years of experience working at agencies/studios, residing in New York City.
  • Artem Matyushkin
    Artem Matyushkin
    United States
    Artem Matyushkin is an art director, multidisciplinary designer, & a visual artist based in New York & Moscow.
  • Dave Bixler
    Dave Bixler
    United States
    A versatile art director and designer based in New York City, with the ability to integrate marketing and design to create meaningful brands
  • romanovich
    United States
    I'm a Ukrainian-born UI/UX designer who loves to cook, watch sci-fi and ride his bike in free time.
  • Lukas Kmoth
    Lukas Kmoth
    United States
    I'm a UX Designer living in New York specializing in user journeys and product design.
  • ★ DASH
    ★ DASH
    United States
    Twenty-three years of age. Forty-six years of experience. Based in LA, originating from Sweden. I am a Swiss-army knife of design and development.
  • Ekaterina Asparouhova
    Ekaterina Asparouhova
    United States
    Personal website-portfolio
  • Emanuele Pagani
    Emanuele Pagani
    United States
    After 15 years experience in the web, mobile and marketing industry, Emanuele now develops Inkstinct and work as a creative director at Cloud4Wi
  • Andrew Leguay
    Andrew Leguay
    United States
    Art Director & Designer based in CA.