Talent Professionals, Freelancers and Students
  • Ray Eum
    Ray Eum
    South Korea
    I am a freelancer for UXUI webdesign and front-end development. react, vue, html, css(sass), javascript, thee.js, etc. sketch,photoshop,illustration
  • Cindy Shin
    Cindy Shin
    South Korea
    Portfolio site consisting of a company project and personal works by the company with main screen graphics made solely by CSS
  • Jinjae Lee
    Jinjae Lee
    South Korea
    Jinjae Lee is a multi-disciplinary interaction designer, make design static to kinetic, blending digital and physical based in Stockholm & Seoul.
  • Yonji Kim
    Yonji Kim
    South Korea
    Former developer-turned-producer-turned-designer, maybe the most well-rounded product designer you'll ever meet.
  • thoh
    South Korea
    Senior UX/UI designer Creative Director
  • hongzzang
    South Korea
    I don't have my own yet, but soon!