Ams Conf. 19

A 2-Day experience to inspire, educate and connect digital creatives in iconic cities.

Leading design and tech innovators took to the stage to share valuable knowledge with nearly 1000 digital designers traveling from all over the world to the De La Mar Theatre, Amsterdam this February.

Technology changes our communication drastically. We master showing emotions through memes. We summarize our thoughts in 132 characters.
Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković
Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković
Machine learning at its core is just an algorithm that learns by itself.
Joël Van Bodegraven + Pedro Marques
Joël Van Bodegraven + Pedro Marques
You have 3 seconds to load the page before 53% of your users will leave.
Raisa Cuevas
Raisa Cuevas
Amsterdam February 14-15, 2019
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Big thanks to the awesome team at Adoratorio