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AMSTERDAM Prize-giving Ceremony
February 21th 2020
Prize-Giving Ceremony

World leading designers and developers took to the stage this February to claim their prizes at the Annual Awards 2019 at the DeLaMarTheatre in Amsterdam. The prizes are awarded by both the Awwwards Jury and Users as a way for the industry to give recognition to the digital creatives, studios and agencies whose projects use groundbreaking technology and creativity to change the face of the web.

Makemepulse - Site of the year
  • 1. Nomadic Tribe

    Makemepulse from France
    73 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Canals

    Marcus Brown from Netherlands
    16 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Locomotive

    Locomotive from Canada
    13 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
Margherita Fortuna

The site has everything a masterpiece should have: a strong and compelling idea developed by the right use of technology and great attention to details. It is indeed a work of outstanding artistry. So beautiful!

Margherita Fortuna
Site of the Year
Bruno Simon - Developer of the year
  • 1. Bruno Simon Portfolio

    Bruno Simon from France
    60 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Canals

    Marcus Brown from Netherlands
    22 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Dogstudio

    Dogstudio from United States
    22 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
  • Fabio Carretti
  • Nahel Moussi

Even if I'm not usually into WebGL-only websites, what Bruno did with his portfolio is completely beyond belief. Everything is so creative and playful, but at the same time rigorous and well organized, making the whole experience immersive and overwhelming. Also, the first time I saw it I spent like 10 minutes just smashing walls and playing bowling even before getting to see the actual work list!

Fabio Carretti

A good creative developer knows the tools to build something, but a great one goes beyond and understands all the different challenges to craft a masterpiece for everyone to remember. Bruno Simon's work is the perfect example of this balance between creativity and technicality.

Nahel Moussi
Developer Site of the Year
Retail 710 - Ecommerce of the year
  • 1. MA

    Retail 710 from Switzerland
    54 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Déplacé Maison

    Niccolò Miranda from Italy
    21 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Google Pixel 4

    BASIC® & Google° from United States
    15 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
  • Marlene Giraud
  • Rosie Manning

I voted for MA True Cannabis because of its delightful experience. The animations are very exciting, and combined with vibrant colors the website conveys a really playful atmosphere. Thoughtful micro-interactions and the performance of the website are also incredible. E-commerce site of the year award is well deserved!

Marlene Giraud

It’s the gorgeous product photography, playful interaction and seamless basket to checkout experience which makes this site a unique and worthy awwwards winner.

Rosie Manning
E-commerce of the Year
Wonderland - Mobile site of the year
  • 1. The Cool Club x FWA

    Wonderland from Netherlands
    26 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Design Embraced

    Anthony Goodwin from United Kingdom
    19 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Everest

    Everest from United States
    15 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
Valentin Cervellera

All of their cards are on the table, with this interactive display of a WebGL-powered deck of 54 cards illustrating web design. A very performant and innovative example of what drag gestures can bring to the web, and a brilliant execution of the smooth, performant and playful experience you can provide to something as simple as a deck of cards.

Valentin Cervellera
Mobile Site of the Year
Aristide Benoist - Independent of the year
  • 1. Aristide Benoist

    66 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Zhenya Rynzhuk

    United States
    36 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Ben Mingo

    15 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
Jessica Travieso

His particular way of working, a raw WebGL workflow, frees him of the constraints of frameworks and traditional libraries, making way for animations of great fluidity and an authentic style that, without meaning to, has created a trend.

Jessica Travieso
Independent of the Year
Adoratorio - Studio of the year
  • 1. Adoratorio

    57 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Autumn Amsterdam

    26 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Makemepulse

    10 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
Stella Petkova

Bold, daring, innovative, outstanding, pushing the boundaries - that's what a creative studio is all about. We witnessed Adoratorio display these qualities over and over throughout 2019. it was not only motivating but also awe-inspiring and truly moving! Well done you guys!

Stella Petkova
Studio of the Year
Locomotive - Agency of the year
  • 1. Locomotive

    73 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Active Theory

    United States
    18 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Basic

    United States
    12 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2019
Tetiana Donska

Locomotive has gone above and beyond in creating fantastic digital experiences. They definitely have proved to be leaders by producing brilliant interactions combined with strong typography and unique design. Bespoke technical skills, astonishing design, and attention to detail make each project a functional piece of art!

Tetiana Donska
Agency of the Year
  • Site of the Year - Bruno Simon Portfolio

    By Bruno Simon from France
  • Developer Award of the Year - Bruno Simon Portfolio

    By Bruno Simo from France
  • E-commerce Site of the Year - MA

    By Retail 710 From Switzerland
  • Mobile Site of the Year - Camille Pawlak • Portfolio

    By Camille Pawlak from France
  • Independent of the Year- Zhenya Rynzhuk

    From United States
  • Studio of the Year - Obys agency

    From Ukraine
  • Agency of the Year - Cuberto

    From United States
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