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AMSTERDAM February 15th 2019
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Prize-Giving Ceremony

Over 900 international designers and developers joined together this February in the De La Mar Theatre Amsterdam to celebrate the most exceptional web projects of 2018. The awards which are voted for by the Awwwards Jury and Users, recognize sites that go above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of innovation and pave the way for a more beautiful and accessible future in the world of the web.

Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Active Theory v4

    Active Theory from United States
    26 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Oat the Goat

    Assembly from New Zealand
    13 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Gallery of emerging species

    Merci-Michel from France
    9 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

I do the impossible because anyone can do the possible," Picasso. Every year a team of creatives and developers redefine the community's creative horizon by pushing the boundaries in inspiring ways. This site encapsulates my quest to push forward.

Gonzalo Pérez
Site of the Year
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Koox

    Blue Cheese from Netherlands
    15 Votes View Votes
  • 1. Orano

    Immersive Garden from France
    15 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Robin Mastromarino - Portfolio

    Mastromarino from France
    13 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

I voted for Koox as the winner for Developer Site of the Year. I thought the website was nicely built and really enjoyable to navigate. The art direction and the illustrations are superb. It also a great example of technology used to elevate the design. They used WebGL but it doesn't feel too heavy or "too much", it is applied really deliberately and allows great little details such as the parallax or the shadows.

Timothée Roussilhe
Awwwards 2018

The website is crafted so well. When I first saw it I was really impressed by the loading speed and smoothness with all that 3d models and WebGL scenes. It truly deserves to be Developer Site of the Year.

Denis Lomov
Developer Site of the Year
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Frans Hals Museum

    Build in Amsterdam from Netherlands
    27 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Yelvy

    Deven Caron from Canada
    22 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Seedlip

    Rotate° from United Kingdom
    9 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

Frans Hals Museum balances playful with functional effortlessly with intrigue on every scroll and interactions a-plenty. It’s a joy to explore!

Rosie Manning
E-commerce of the Year
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Moxy Studio

    Moxy from Portugal
    Selected by Google Experts
  • 2. Adoratorio Summer Club

    Adoratorio from Italy
  • 3. Vulkan Bureau

    Vulkan Bureau from Denmark
Awwwards 2018

Beautiful use of WebGL and accelerometer to create an immersive experience on mobile. All thoughtfully done with best practices in mind and caching for faster future loads.

Raisa Cuevas
Mobile Site of the Year
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Locomotive

    33 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Resn

    New Zealand
    25 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Active Theory

    United States
    7 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

I follow the work of Locomotive even before being part of the Awwwards Jury. Their work is always elegant, obsessed with details and perfectly executed.
They always find stunning UI solutions that I love collecting in my private library for inspiration. Most of their sites have been used in my talks as great examples of good practices on the web.

Chiara Aliotta
Agency of the Year
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Immersive Garden

    32 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Adoratorio

    24 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Build in Amsterdam

    The Netherlands
    15 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

Once again Immersive Garden has proved to be hell-bent on finding innovative and exciting ways to storytell, melding technology, passion, culture and strong senses into future forward combinations to create new types of experiences that empower brands.

Michele Angeloro
Studio of the Year
Awwwards 2018
  • 1. Martin Silvestre

    23 Votes View Votes
  • 2. Patrick Heng

    19 Votes View Votes
  • 3. Aristide Benoist

    18 Votes View Votes
Awwwards 2018

The quality, solidity and the skill to design unique and unforgettable layouts coupled by a surprising typographic sensibility. Each project and production is teeming with details and is masterfully orchestrated through original and always smooth interaction. Bravo!

Enea Rossi
Independent of the Year
  • Site of the Year - Discover Lexus

    By Resn from New Zealand
  • Agency of the Year - Bornfight

    By Bornfight from Croatia
  • Studio of the Year - The First The Last

    From Ukraine
  • Independent of the Year- Bahaa Samir

    From United Arab Emirates
  • Developer Award of the Year - Narcos: Mexico - Cocaine Routes

    By Circus from United States
  • Mobile Site of the Year - The 8760. Marketing Agency

    By Bachoo Studio From Ukraine
  • E-commerce Site of the Year - Iglucraft

    By DUX Studio From Estonia
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018
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Awwwards 2018
Awwwards 2018

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