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Live Developer Jury Website Reviews (Português) By Victor Work, Luis Henrique Bizarro
November 5, 2020 4:00 PM UTC
1 HOUR Portuguese

Live Developer Jury Website Reviews (Português)

Chegou a hora de desconstruir, discutir e aprender! Junte-se a nós no Awwwards Jury Live para insights, dicas e um bate papo divertido com nossos jurados. Este episódio vai trazer Victor Luis Costa, Creative Developer e Designer independente. Luis Henrique Bizarro, Interactive Developer na Active Theory e nosso apresentador Bruno Arizio, Designer e Diretor de Criação na Toptal.

Quer saber o que todo mundo está falando no mundo do web design? Junte-se ao vivo enquanto o Júri de Design e Desenvolvimento compartilha feedbacks sobre os projetos digitais mais interessantes do momento, participe de perguntas e respostas interativas e aprenda conselhos práticos e dicas de habilidosos profissionais.

* The schedule and timings are approximate
  • 05:00 pm Spain - 11:00 am New York - 01:00 PM São Paulo/Brasil  - 4:00 pm United Kingdom
    Boas Vindas com nosso apresentador Bruno Arizio
  • 5:05 pm
    Conheça nosso Developer Jury
  • 5:10 pm
    Review do site ao vivo, Perguntas e Respostas interativo e bate papo
  • 6:00 pm
    Finalizando a live e nos vemos na próxima
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Live Developer Jury Website Reviews  (Português)

Live Developer Jury Website Reviews (Português)

By Victor Work and Luis Henrique Bizarro

  • Portuguese
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Speakers Learn from the best
  • Luis Henrique Bizarro

    Luis Henrique Bizarro

    Interactive Developer at Active Theory


    Luis Henrique Bizarro is a brazilian Creative Developer based in São Paulo, Brazil currently working at Active Theory. He has worked in technical challenging projects for renown international brands like Nike, Google, Airbnb, Samsung, Lufthansa, Shell, Corvette, Chevrolet, HBO and Cartoon Network using cutting-edge technologies such as WebGL, GLSL and JavaScript. He enjoys working with the implementation of shaders and using concepts from video games to bring more interactivity to the world of the web.

  • Victor Work

    Victor Work

    Creative Developer & Designer


    Victor Work is a creative Developer & Designer who in less than 2 years of career has achieved a place in the international market becoming a world-renowned professional and today works with clients and partners in the 6 continents around the world. With a look based on details and a creative mind brings life and translates the perfect pixels from UI & UX to the Browser with the emphasis on transforming the statics model into a memorable and interactive experience, aligning perfectly the sense of effects and animations. Completely focused on increasing his skills, day by day more than ever he relies on advancing and improving browsers to break barriers and make the web a place where people invest their time searching and consuming information in a unique, pleasant, and memorable way.

  • Bruno Arizio

    Bruno Arizio HOST

    Designer and Creative Director at Studio—BA®


    Bruno is an award-winning designer and creative director with 10+ years of experience working in digital. Recent clients include brands like Adidas, Facebook, Toyota, Samsung, and Pepsico. He is also deeply interested in unveiling the relationship of design and art along with other disciplines like architecture, fashion, and photography.

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