July 22, 2020 8:00 AM UTC
1 Hour Japanese


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デザインのアイデアの見つけ方についてお話します。 どうやってアイデアを見つけ、ビジュアルにしていくのか? コンセプトの作り方、それぞれのメディアへの展開の仕方を中心に、 基礎的な話から応用までも、実際の仕事を例にあげながら解説していきます。 デザイナー初心者、デザインスキルを上達させたい方、 主に広告会社、制作会社、Web制作会社、フリーランスなどの若手デザイナーにおすすめの講義です。

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  • 5:00 pm Tokyo - 10:00 am Paris - 4:00 am New York
  • 5:05 pm
    講義 「ビジュアルアイデアの作り方」日本語
  • 5:40 pm
  • 6:00 pm
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  • Hami Miharu

    Hami Miharu

    Art Director


    Miharu Matsunaga is an art director and designer from Japan working in Tokyo. She has a degree in Graphical Design from Tama Art University. At 17age she started to study art, graphic design, drawing. She has joined a creative intern in North Kingdom, B-reel and Bedow in Sweden. Currently, she works in Dentsu Tokyo, Communication Design Center. Her awards include One show, New York ADC, London International Award, Cannes Lions shortlist.


  • Awwwards

    Awwwards HOST

    Awwwards Team


    Awwwards is the leading platform that brings together the best digital agencies and influencers in web design and development. The embodiment of creative and innovative digital minds all over the world, our platform provide a hub to connect and discover trends, news, and gather inspiration.


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