Create your Class

Master Classes, Workshops & Courses.

If you're a digital design professional and you want to share your own workshop, talk or series of courses we want to hear from you!

Awwwards Academy is now open, a highly specialized video learning platform where digital designers grow their professional skill set, through interactive webinars by industry leading designers.

We would like to invite you to give an interactive masterclass, technical workshop, case study, tutorial, or series of courses, with Live Q&A digging deep into your chosen topic.

  • Who can take part?

    Leading Designers, Creative Directors, Entrepreneurs, Web Developers and exciting up and coming Talent, shine a light on the creative techniques, processes, technologies, tools, and proven business models for producing compelling digital products and brands.

  • How can I take part in Awwwards Academy?

    1. Provide good content that is of interest to our community.
    2. Have a work space with adequate lighting and audio recording conditions to allow you to make a high quality video.
    3. Have a good wifi connection.
    4. You decide the exact format, length, number of attendees, and price you feel suits your video content, in the language of your choice. Here are some possible examples:
  • Live Masterclass
    20 min. Talk
    10 min. Q&A (live)
    20 min. Talk
    50 min. Q&A (live)

    Capacity: 500

    Cost: Free to $30

  • Online Course
    Lesson One 46 Min.
    Chapter one 24 Min.
    Chapter two 22 Min.
    Lesson Two 52 Min.
    Lesson Three 48 Min.

    Capacity: 500

    Cost: $50 to $250

  • Live Workshop
    DAY 1    DAY 2    DAY 3
    30 min. Workshop
    10 min. Q&A (live)
    30 min. Workshop
    10 min. Q&A (live)
    30 min. Workshop
    30 min. Q&A (live) Max.

    Capacity: 300

    Cost: $10 to $500

  • Why should I do it?

    Promotion: visibility for you, your agency or brand at a global level.
    Prestige: endorsement from a leading platform, on a lineup with world renowned professionals.
    Access: to the biggest community of digital creatives in the world, seeking specific, specialized content.
    Money: get paid for talking about what you love, interact with people who want to learn from you and earn continued revenue from future views.

  • How do I apply?

    You’ll need to make a video of approximately 1 minute telling us who you are, what type of Session you want to do and why it would be of interest to our community.

    If you want to get involved. Apply here