• JB Grasset

    JB Grasset

    ultranoir.com FRANCE - Paris

    Jb Grasset, co-founder and creative director of ultranoir. A self-taught web designer, I have worked in the Internet industry for 15 years. I started out, aged 13, using pixel art on my Amiga, and that demoscene spirit will always be in my mind. Passion & instinct.

  • Stefano Scozzese

    Stefano Scozzese

    scozzese.com ITALY - Desenzano del Garda

    Creative Director of Scozzese Design Studio, CEO & Co-founder at http://iam.dj. I can't separate music and design in my life.

  • There


    onbile.com U.S.A. - Palo Alto (California)

    Create #mobilewebsites FREE, QUICK & EASY! Without programming knowledge, adapted to every business! for #iPhone, #Android, #iPad

  • Paolo Sordi

    Paolo Sordi

    websolute.it ITALY - Pesaro

    Digital Strategist @websolute

  • Gonzalo Pérez

    Gonzalo Pérez

    gonzaloperez.ws SPAIN - Granada

    UI/UX Designer and front-end developer.

  • Jonas Lempa

    Jonas Lempa

    dietaikonauten.com GERMANY - Berlin

    Jonas Lempa is Associated Partner and Senior Art Director at dieTaikonauten, a Berlin based, award-winning digital agency.

  • Ilya Kraev

    Ilya Kraev

    novado.ru RUSSIA

    One of the fighter for the best designed websites

  • ZhukMax


    llill.org RUSSIA

    Web Designer | Religious Scholar

  • Jobish K M

    Jobish K M

    INDIA - Bangalore

    I am India, web designer. I create websites that are not only attractive, but also focus on the user's experience.

  • Mary Pieroszkiewicz

    Mary Pieroszkiewicz

    POLAND - Mikołów

    Front-End Development | Responsive Web Design | Web Design | UX/UI

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