• August


    august.com.au AUSTRALIA - Melbourne

    An award-winning, technology led creative company.

  • Furkan Yavuz

    Furkan Yavuz

    furkanyavuz.com TURKEY - Istanbul

    Student at Marmara University Faculty of Communication

  • MakerOfThings


    MakerOfThings has not yet updated their profile

  • James Noble

    James Noble

    carterdigital.com.au AUSTRALIA - Melbourne

    James has gained a broad range of user experience (UX), user interface design (UID), marketing and comms globally for over the 16 years in the industry. Possessing a wealth of design experience in print media, ecommerce, mobile applications, user experience, digital strategy and business platform integration.

  • charleselena


    charleselena.com.au AUSTRALIA - Melbourne

    Charles Elena is a full service digital brand agency

  • Lavender


    lavender.ad AUSTRALIA - Sydney

    Lavender has not yet updated their profile

  • Jakob Stenqvist

    Jakob Stenqvist

    publicclass.se SWEDEN - Stockholm

    I am Jakob Stenqvist, a developer and learner. I'm always trying to find smart solutions to the problems I encounter. To avoid getting lazy and stop learning I challenge myself to skip the easy shortcuts and to stay curious. I work as an interactive developer at Public Class in Stockholm, Sweden. I co-founded Public Class in 2008, a tech-shop with a simple formula: never stop learning and always have fun.

  • julien_rno


    Interactive Developer, currently living in Shanghai & working at AKQA

  • Sarah Hass

    Sarah Hass

    Sarah Hass has not yet updated their profile

  • Jesse Rosato

    Jesse Rosato

    lists.io U.S.A. - Sacramento

    Software engineer. Cofounder, Lists.io

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