Street Art Paintings

Graffiti has gone way beyond the single dimension of the wall

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Taking art to the street. Interacting with the elements of the city is not just about putting art on the walls. Graffiti has gone way beyond the single dimension of the wall and we can find paintings in other urban elements, turning corners and playing with perspectives creating dramatic effects and original dynamic scenes. This is street art.
The great Bansky, Peter Gibson, 6emeia or Oak Oak, inter alia, are some of the leading exponents. Simple humor, social protest, creativity, reporting… the objectives behind their work are many and varied.

Also in Stop-Motion

The Italian artist Blu made these stop motion animated videos by playing with the elements of the city. Truly amazing work!
Big Bang Big Boom, by Blu

  • Combo, by Blu
  • Muto, by Blu

Gallery of Street Art

Crosswalks, street lights, trash cans, sewers, ladders, railings, sidewalks and driveways, floors, drains, traffic signals, tiles, cracks, fences, bollards… This is the new blank paper for these street artists who have the city as their blank canvas.

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