Front End Developer

Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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The Branding Farm are looking for a Front End Developer

Are you looking to pioneer the next generation web with a group of like minded creative technologists in Venice? Then we’re looking for you.

We’re a small digital creative agency focus on robust web applications and rich online marketing experiences for clients in a range of industries and we're looking for a new lead front end developer. Our front ends push barriers and therefore we require someone who combines equal parts creative skill and vision with engineering rigour and process.

For example, your day to day challenges could range from: architecting a highly modular display layer strategy for a powerful MEAN stack app, to reverse engineering a WebGL experience we want to emulate, to pushing the absolute limits of a tumblr theme, to making a mobile-focused web app as graceful as a native experience, to devising a device agnostic front end for a sophisticated one-page scroller experience. To handle this kind of range you need to be nimble, savvy, clear and mostly excited about the prospect of innovating the web.

We’re throwing away all the old process models that don’t work for making next generation web apps and we’re looking for someone who understands new paradigm dev processes such as: style tiles, atomic design, CSS style guides, rapid prototype before design, design in browser, etc. We’re looking for innovators, culture creators, thought leaders and beach lovers to get in early, and have major influence on this journey.


  • The latest and greatest HTML5 (Canvas, WebGl, Local Storage, etc)
  • Architect modular, maintainable CSS - using SASS and Compass
  • Expertise in dynamic, animated DOM manipulation with jQuery
  • Advanced knowledge of object oriented, asynchronous JavaScript
  • Experience with front end MVC JS frameworks like Backbone, Angular, Ember, and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Deep knowledge of mobile first, RWD, performance and future-friendly methodologies
  • Proven experience with "transitional" interfaces using both JavaScript and CSS animations
  • Experience with AJAX and RESTful APIs and Social APIs
  • Solid understanding of Git and an active Github account with contributions to open source project
  • Light backend experience with PHP or JavaScript


About Us

The Branding Farm is a boutique digital agency located in Venice, CA. We provide integrated interactive solutions for clients like Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures,, Pioneer Electronics and Skechers. On The Farm, we take a down-home, hands-on approach to cultivating award winning campaigns and applications that give brands the opportunity to establish authentic and meaningful connections with their fans.

How to Apply

To apply just send us a letter to making sure we can tell you read this whole post including the requirements details, and that we can see how you’re a great fit for what we’re trying to do. We look forward to hearing from you.