Front End Developer


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Front End Developer Job: Developer with a hand for pure code and sense for animation - Tired of creating “ordinary” websites?

Keywords: Javascript, Javascript Coder, Front-end Developer, jQuery, angular, backbone, html5, css3, mobile app, clean code, cross-browser troubleshooting, testable code, animation, interactive, responsive web development, sound, pixel-perfection, progressive enhancement

If you are a frontend developer who works at an agency and you want to move to Amsterdam, then you have found the right place. Mail me

You are reading an opportunity to win a contract with an award winning agency which delivers projects for both creative agencies and direct clients.

The company is in an awesome location in Amsterdam.

The agency has around 10 – 15 super smart, experienced developers who have a passion for code and animation.

They create atmospheric websites, exotic apps, and genius social media engagement platforms.  These kick-ass projects use the latest technologies and tools to create awesome apps and websites.

Therefore we are looking for a developer who can use these fancy tools and techniques ;)

About you

  • You are a coder at heart with awesome javascript experience.
  • You also have a love for animation, responsive web development and everything that’s interactive.

About the company

  • Multi-talented team of passionate, digital craftspeople
  • People working there believe in quality, reliability and passion
  • Create pixel-perfect websites and apps (mobile, web)
  • Deliver exceptionally interactive and amazing work for international clients

Do you love to work in an agency environment and want to push your skills to the next limit?

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How to Apply

Email to