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About Make Me Pulse

Make Me Pulse is an award-winning production company consisting of cool professionals who love creating the next generation of interactive marketing applications and are committed to exceeding client expectations.

Along with a competitive base salary, we offer 100% paid medical benefits, and the opportunity to work in a dynamic, growing and fun environment.

Job description

Make Me Pulse is looking for 2 Creative Developer to join our expanding Creative Team.

You must have a passion for interactive development, with rock solid technical experience as well as a sharp eye and creative mind.enjoying experimentation with the latest tech and understanding the importance of delivering both an innovative and well-polished product.

You are versatile and you don't want to be stuck with one technology skill.

You are thrilled to work on multi technology projects such as HTML5/CSS3/JS, AS3 and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

Job Requirements

- Advanced knowledge of working with HTML5/CSS3/JS (SASS, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, ...) and AS3

- Good knowledge at working with social networking API's and integrating them into digital experiences

- Complete understanding of OOP and class-based coding

- Excellent code optimization skills

- You're full of ideas about how to improve any given technological project, as well as how to improve the technology itself.

- You know where Flash excels and where HTML is the stronger technology.

- Working 3D Maths / physics knowledge

- Experience working with GIT, Basecamp, AWS, etc.

- A level of mobile games/applications experience ideally working with Objective C and/or Java

- You're proactive, enthusiastic and have a passion for learning about and developing emergent technologies;

- You can plan, prioritize and manage your workload across multiple projects;

- You enjoy working in a team environment and contributing to the team's ideas;

- You're passionate about current industry trends and developments;

- Ability to focus under pressure and deliver to client deadlines

- Recognize the fun, freedom, responsibility, inherent challenge and long-term benefits of getting involved with a fledgling but very promising company on the ground level.

How to Apply

Email us to !