Back End Developer

New York, U.S.A.

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Stinkdigital is looking for a Back End Developer. 

You're an experienced coder who loves connecting APIs and finding ways to automate processes.

They’re looking for a Back End Developer to join our team on a full-time basis in New York. You'll be working across a lot of projects, writing the core algorithms and connecting to the data sources that power our applications. You’ll also be building the internal tools that make us better and faster.

You will spend a lot of time with MVC frameworks, social APIs, and the Linux command line. Knowledge of Java, Objective C or Python that would definitely be an advantage, as would experience with APIs for Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Google Maps etc. You love playing with APIs and connecting them together, so that's not a problem anyway, right?

Stinkdigital is looking for people who live for code and love to collaborate. You'll be core to the team on most projects and people will look to you to tell them what's possible and which solution would be best. Preference will be given to developers with skills in other areas as well, be it Objective C or Java programming, music, video editing, photography, electronics or motion graphics. You live and breathe digital and have a strong knowledge of all the emergent trends and technologies in the interactive space. You work well within a collaborative environment, and thrive on an exchange of ideas.


  • You know your LAMP stack inside and out;
  • You’re experienced in an MVC framework in Python, Ruby, or PHP;
  • You know your Ubuntu from your Centos, and your Apache from your Nginx;
  • You're up to date with the latest developments on Facebook, Google products and Twitter - you work with these and other APIs all the time;
  • You've got experience with Amazon Web Services, or are interested in learning about them;
  • You understand what causes load, what to do about it and when to make sure the User Experience is adjusted to minimize it;

Nice to haves:

  • You know Java, specifically Android or;
  • You know Python and have worked with AppEngine;
  • You know or are interested to learn Objective C or AS3 that'd be useful too;
  • Experience or interest in technologies like websockets and streaming;
  • Experience working with digital video as source material;
  • You know how the web works;
  • You have interest in and/or knowledge of other emergent technologies.

This position requires at least 4+ years experience in a senior developer role, preferably in an agency or production company environment. Preference will be given to developers with additional programming languages.

How to Apply

Please e-mail