OSLO, Norway

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NDC is Norway’s largest conference dedicated to .NET and Agile development. Along with ProgramUtvikling, Microsoft Norge AS is also supporting the conference and doing its bit to make the event a real boost for developers in the industry.

NDC 2012 was an unqualified success, with more than 1,600 participants and a range of Partners from leading IT companies. We are now about to repeat the success by organising NDC2013.

Again in 2013, participants will be able to learn from the leaders in the field.

Leaders in the field

The conference promoters are ProgramUtvikling AS. Their vision is to provide developers with the very latest in practical expertise in technology and project performance. Norwegian developers are already well–respected for their abilities, and the aim of the conference is to stimulate the environment in Norway even further, so that Norwegian developers can maintain and enhance their sound position. The way this is being done is by establishing an international conferencing environment in Oslo and focusing on seminars of the highest quality.

  • Venue

    Venue Photo from ds-lands.com

    For the 3rd consecutive year, NDC Oslo will be held at the Oslo Spektrum in the heart of the city. The 10,800 capacity Oslo Spektrum is the main venue for large-scale sporting and cultural events and trade fairs. Designed by Lars Haukland, the complex was completed in 1991.

    The Pre–Conference Workshops will once again be on the top floor of the Radisson Blu Plaza hotel, right opposite the conference venue. Both the Spektrum and the Plaza are very easy to get to with public transportation, as they are located right next to both the trainstation and the bus terminal. In addition, all metro trains stop at Jernbanetorget station, which is directly beneath Oslo Spektrum.

  • Pre–Conference Workshops

    Pre–Conference Workshops

    For NDC 2013 we are proud to announce that we are repeating the success and there will be even more pre–conference workshops to choose from. You can also get an All Access Pass that includes 2 days of Pre–Conf and 3 days of conference.

    The conference extends over five days. We hope to see you there on all five days, both for the conference itself and all the different social events that are being organised.

    • Day of Clojure - Stuart Halloway - June 10th
    • Clean Architecture - Uncle Bob - June 10th
    • Develop Mobile Applications with C# and .Net - Jonas Follesø/Chris Hardy - June 10th
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery Workshop - Hadi Hariri/Paul Stack - June 10th
    • Behaviour-Driven Development - Liz Keogh - June 10th
    • JavaScript: Getting your feet wet - Venkat Subramaniam - June 10th
    • Day of Datomic - Stuart Halloway June 11th
    • TDD Overview - Uncle Bob - June 11th
    • Building Windows 8 Apps - Rocky Lohtka - June 11th