Mobile + Web DevCon: Chicago 2014


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Mobile+Web DevCon is a three day event dedicated to helping developers and software engineers like you master the latest development tools and trends as well as best practices in design and UX. We want to help you make awesome apps and websites.

This time the Mobile +Web DevCon will be held at the Millenium Knickerbocker Hotel.



  • Speakers


    Among the plenty of speakers they have this year you can find Mohammad Almalkawi, Joey Grover, Tanya Breshears, Anthony Roldan, Jaimee Newberry, Andria Jensen, Jonathan Ozeran, Luke Wallace, Derek Mercer and Sam Richard to name but a few.

  • Who is it addressed to?

    Who is it addressed to?

    Mobile Developers, Web Developers, Software Engineers, Technology & Developer Evangelists, Program Analysts, Designers, Directors & Managers of Development and Design Teams.

  • Topics


    Take advantage of hands-on labs on topics like how to build iOS & Android apps, learn about tools & features to make your apps and websites more powerful, master design essentials like RWD, building a simple UI, and UX best practices, learn to implement usability testing techniques that work or optimize your apps with the latest HTML5 and Javascript technologies.