Graphic Design

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Graphic design, also known as visual communication, is the arrangement of certain elements: typography, images, symbols, and colors to create and transmit meaningful messages to the users, clients, or visitors of a particular website or web project.

Traditionally, graphic design was applied to advertising and publishing, especially in print magazines. Working to a brief previously set out by the client, art director or lead creative, the graphic designer applies the latest techniques and trends to their visual communication to create an incredible internet experience.

Graphic design and branding are very often grouped together as they specialize in brand image. This is true to a certain extent as so much information can be transmitted by a single, corporate logo design, for example.

Graphic designers as industry professionals will quite often create their own professional brand and this can be seen in some of the best graphic design online portfolios. Here they can express their unique creative style and apply that to their very own self promotional tool or online C.V.