Art Direction

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Becoming an art director isn’t something you wake up one day and decide to be. It is usually the final step of a long journey through the various jobs in web design

A solid understanding of the different jobs in web design and web development make for an excellent art director whose main responsibility is to supervise and lead the creative team through the process of creating websites. An art director must ensure projects are completed in accordance to the timescales put in place during the initial stages. It may not be necessary for art directors to be experts in all aspects of web design projects, they will at least have their own, vast, personal experience to draw on, an eye for detail and a strong understanding of the latest trends and techniques in web development and web design.

Art directors work very closely with copywriters from the outset and throughout any given web assignment. Together they will very often come up with the creative; the initial concept. Art directors and copywriters work in conjunction to create right look and feel of a website design project. The visuals and the words should not copy one another, but complement each other and enhance the task at hand.