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World of Merix

Article by Awwwards Team in - November 13

Hi, we’re web design agency operating internationally with offices located in Poland (Poznan) and USA (New York). Our team consists of 12 passionate people who all love to explore, create, design and code wonderful stuff for the internet. Merix Studio, as a brand, has been associated with top quality and web standards oriented works for over 10 years. 0aaIt’s worth to mention that we were the first company in Polish market who focused on W3C standards in their web projects.|||Our main idea behind World of Merix was to present our core competences and web development services in some interesting, interactive and creative way. We didn’t want to go with Flash for interactivity and decided to explore JavaScript powerful possibilities. At the same time, when creating interface, we wanted to keep desired associations and right connection with Merix Studio brand. The map emphasizes the fact of having international clientele in Merix Studio portfolio. 1 Last but not least World of Merix can be treated as a demonstration of what websites might look like in the future, when browsers will finally be able to smoothly render advanced graphics. We believe the web design industry suffers a lot from poor hardware acceleration support (which would enhance graphics rendering on websites) that is still ignored and neglected by browsers developers. Results after launching the site exceeded our expectations. Project has been greatly appreciated and given a lot of buzz and word-of-mouth recommendations. Many people were amazed it’s built with pure JavaScript and CSS, not Flash. Unfortunately, because of the site’s rapid popularity growth, we tracked copy-cat companies from China and India who simply “copied” (literally) our idea (see and by placing their logo and copy instead of ours. Needless to say how frustrating this is :(... We’ve loads of bright ideas for future projects so stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and Behance for exclusive previews ;)|||Many interesting projects on the wall at the moment. We’re currently heavily involved in Firefox plug-in development (can’t reveal names due to NDA agreements), and the next week will be developing 2 large in scope WordPress projects and few mid-size coding and JavaScript works. 0_aa There is also internal project (CRM application) we’re developing and constantly arriving projects from The Independent. We recently launched corporate website for Dubai/Iran company – Tavana Transit Terminal. Oh, and speaking about web applications and big clients , we’ve been asked to build web app interface for American media holding - ClearChannel – we assume this will keep us pretty busy for some time.

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