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What Happened at Beyond Tellerrand 2013

Article by larrygerard in Design & Illustration - June 05

On May 27 and 28, I had the chance to attend the Beyond Tellerrand 2013 conference. It is an affordable web design and development event organized by Marc Thiele at Capitol Theater in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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  • The conference was introduced by Jeremy Keith who reminded us that the web is for everyone: everybody is a potential publisher on the web. That's why we have to preserve the data that is part of our culture. He compared the 7 million websites that were deleted when GeoCities closed to the burning of the Library of Alexandria.

    Afterwards, Aaron Gustafson, from a List Apart, talked about how we can inject more empathy into our work. We should all aspire to put ourselves in our users' skin to give them the experience they are expecting.

  • I personally enjoyed Kate Kiefer Lee's talk about adapting your tone of voice based on the reader's feelings. You can find some tips on voice and tone, the fantastic online content-Guide she created.

  • Harry Robert is a 22 years old designer, developer, writer, speaker and front-end architect from the UK. He talked about Architecting Scalable CSS. He compares building a house with building a website. It takes months to be built, there are numerous workers with different skills, it's built by some people and maintained by others. This is why we have to respect rules and break code into the smallest little blocks possible. You will work faster in the easiest way!

    CSS is the space between classes

    Mandy Brown, co-founder of A Book Apart & Editorially, compared books and the web. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin: humanity's effort to distribute and preserve information, knowledge and memories. "The web is what the book always wanted to be".

  • The last session of the day was presented by James Victore after some free drinks. It was a great one-man show! Besides swearing on stage, explicitly insulting clients in general and being really, really entertaining he told us to believe in our own abilities and visions. We finished the day with a standing ovation. What a great guy!

  • On Tuesday, I looked forward to listening to Meagan Fisher. She talked about how our methodology can evolve to create content-focused, lightweight and flexible sites by prototyping designs directly in the browser. We have to use real content instead of Lorem ipsum text that means I don't give a shit about the content and only care about aesthetics. It was really an insteresting topic.

    Josh Brewer , principal designer at Twitter, had a similar talk later about Photoshop lies. He decided it would be funnier with a guitar! A great musical performance.

    Brad Frost talked about Atomic design - every website is made up of components. He introduced his new tool, called Pattern lab which helps you to manage your components and create great stuff easily!

    "We're not designing pages anymore. We're designing systems of components"

    - Stephen Hay

  • As often said during these 2 days, Beyond Tellerrand is for everyone. A great place to meet great speakers and people you only knew on the web. Highly recommended!

  • Conference videos are coming! Stay tuned!

    You can also find great notes by Jan Beck on his blog