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The acid humor of Mexican illustrator Eduardo Salles

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - July 16

Eduardo Salles, aka Sallesino, is a young illustrator, copywriter and designer with an acid style and humor. He has a formula which encapsulates his ironic commentary on the internet, politics, TV and daily habits: Design + humor + social critique.

We already published one selection of Eduardo's illustrations on Awwwards. You can see it here: Cynicism Humorously Illustrated by Eduardo Salles. But as devoted followers of this bearded illustrator, we felt it was our duty to publish another article with his latest creations.


  • Like slaves

    Like slaves

  • Apple with worm

    Apple with worm

  • Visual Acuity Test

    Visual Acuity Test

  • Something to say?

    Something to say?

  • The secret of happiness

    The secret of happiness

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds

  • New religions of the world

    New religions of the world

  • Modern Humanism

    Modern Humanism

  • Dirty Talk

    Dirty Talk

  • Broken Hearts Club

    Broken Hearts Club

  • Politically correct

    Politically correct

  • Politics


  • If doctors were designers

    If doctors were designers

  • Catch him if you can

    Catch him if you can