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Threadless is not useless: The 40 most amazing tees

Article by Awwwards Team in - February 03

Have you heard about Threadless? Threadless is the most innovative tee shop. Based in the industrial city of Chicago, they print great design on the American Apparel’ softy cotton. The catalog has more than 500 original t-shirts, and we are sure there will be at least 5 that you will definitely fall in love with!

Many of these designs are the reflection of the latest trends. Are you tired of wearing the same t-shirts as your neighbor? Are you looking for a cute kid tee? And what about an original hoodie? is the answer.

TCAInspired has selected the 40 most amazing tees for you.

From an arcade games to hand drawings till the most abstract design. Is also the place where you can get famous and show off your arts, hundreds of designers submit designs everyday ! Threadless: perfect for new designers and dangerous for t-shirt collectors!

  • After Hunting

    After Hunting

  • Wingtips


  • Wingtips


  • AV




  • Bitter Teeth

    Bitter Teeth

  • Blind Side

    Blind Side

  • Wingtips


  • Eat Yourself

    Eat Yourself

  • Epic Battle

    Epic Battle

  • El Latigo

    El Latigo

  • Fast Food

    Fast Food

  • Floating Crystal

    Floating Crystal

  • Freakanaut


  • Honey Moon

    Honey Moon

  • In Excelsis

    In Excelsis

  • It's Always Midnight Somewhere

    It's Always Midnight Somewhere

  • Lava Lamp

    Lava Lamp

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out

  • Liquid Shot

    Liquid Shot

  • London


  • Lysergs urediethylamid

    Lysergs urediethylamid

  • More Reasons Not To Go Camping

    More Reasons Not To Go Camping

  • Music Snob

    Music Snob

  • Ninjas vs Luchadores

    Ninjas vs Luchadores

  • Noah Express

    Noah Express

  • Now I Know My ABC's

    Now I Know My ABC's

  • RED


  • Salsacrifice


  • Solar System

    Solar System

  • The Beetles

    The Beetles

  • Tectonic Wormhole

    Tectonic Wormhole

  • Springfield Still Life

    Springfield Still Life

  • The Crystal Cloud

    The Crystal Cloud

  • The Eraser

    The Eraser

  • The Horde

    The Horde

  • The Milky Away

    The Milky Away

  • The Northern

    The Northern

  • The War Against

    The War Against

  • The Bull and the Bee

    The Bull and the Bee

  • True Love Will Find You In The End

    True Love Will Find You  In The End

  • Use Your Brain

    Use Your Brain