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Chocion - Finest Choclate

October 26

by Format D (Germany)

We all know that chocolate makes you happy, and who doesn't want to be happy or make others happy? Now you can order the finest chocolate, pralines and other chocolatey treats of the highest quality via the new Chocion web shop. No matter the form, this chocolate always offers an unimaginable taste experience using only select ingredients without any additives. This extraordinary buying experience is due to the beautiful and modern design, clear navigation, clean classification and easy-to-understand product presentation, as well as numerous payment options and a separate B2B shop. When you get a hankering for chocolate while on the go, you can quench that desire quite easily because the shop was implemented by us for use with all end user devices. A chocolate postcard and praline configurator enables you set an individual tone for your chocolates and other projects.
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