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Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri is currently Creative Director at

Alongside his daily job, Claudio enjoys teaching, speaking at conferences, working on side projects and playing Xbox.

10 questions for Claudio Guglieri:

  • What did you do before becoming a designer/developer?

    I was trying to figure out what to do. Before designing for a living I always enjoyed doing illustration work.

  • Where do you turn for inspiration?

    Real life - movies - peeps - videogames

  • Which are your favorite studios, designers or agencies?

    I'm pretty excited about many designers out there, too many to mention but they all know who they are.

  • Who do you side with: Team Mac or Team PC?

    I've been on both sides and don't really have a preference. To this day I have used PC longer than Mac but I like both, does it matter?

  • Is your city a good place for designers?

    San Francisco is great for designers. I was lucky enough to live in London & NYC before and SF is as active as the others are. It has better weather too :)

  • Which technologies are you excited about?

    Wearable technologies, mobile and anything that aims to improve my life and daily needs.

  • How many hours do you work each week?

    Around 60 when grouping both work at the agency and side projects.

  • Do you listen to music while you work? Describe your playlist.

    I listen to music and listen movies in the background, depending on the task. I listen to a little bit of everything, whatever gets me in the right mood.

  • What is your favorite book?

    My fav book at the moment is Designing News by Francesco Franchi.

  • What is your favorite sport?

    Bike riding