Senior Visual Designer

Senior Visual Designer


We’re looking for an experienced Senior Visual Design/Art Director to join us full-time. Location in Sweden or Brazil is favored but not required.

As a senior visual designer, you love to imagine and craft experiences on the web. You think a beautiful design starts with a solid concept. Hours can be spent on details because you know they make all the difference in the world. You also believe the best experiences are those created in close collaboration with talented developers. Above all, you are the kind person that wants to work in close collaboration with a creative team. Nice to meet you!

As a Senior Visual Designer at 14islands, you will set Art Directions for both creative web experiences and digital products. In collaboration with experienced designers and creative developers, you will imagine and present concepts, be part of client relationships, and mentor your younger design fellows. Overall, you will be a big part of all projects, processes, craft, and culture at 14islands.

What we’re looking for:

  • At least 5 years of studio or agency experience.
  • Experience Art Directing both creative websites and digital products.
  • Ability to drive and present design concepts.
  • Good communication skills and ease in handling close client relationships during projects.
  • Good knowledge of technology and the pleasure of working closely with developers.
  • Enjoy exploring motion transitions and micro-interactions as part of the designer-developer collaboration
  • Experience shaping design processes and ability to work within project constraints (goals/timelines/budget).
  • Enjoyment of working in a team and be a mentor to junior designers.
  • Firm understanding of UX and interaction design.
  • Being capable of seeing the big picture while putting attention to the details.
  • An open mindset and curiosity to learn new things every day.
  • Knowledge of Figma, Sketch, Adobe CC, and other design tools.
  • Bonus points for Branding, Motion, and 3D skills.

About 14islands

We are a creative design and development studio, making digital experiences that create human connections. We craft websites, products, and brands that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses.

Our friendly team has many years of expertise in the field of User Experience (UX), Visual Design (UI), and Creative Development. The top 14islands value is to put people first and we always set the bar high for the work we produce.

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