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Ivan Aleksic

Article by Awwwards Team in - December 16

Hi, my name is Ivan Aleksic, i'm co-owner - designer-art director at at this point small web studio who chase the bid dreams. I'm also ustobe digital artist , but lately i could not find more quality time to devote to this hobby. I'm my early start in this web design industry was in 2006, and i'm in design since 2004, and in graffiti since 2000 (till 2007)....

I"m 25 years old, and I'm from Belgrade - Serbia. |||I'm totally self thought, i had chance to work with extraordinary people and i have learned from them. Yes i did tried to study graphic design, but i dropped out after second year. I have involved in the "job" to early , and found that design college is waste of time, so i devoted my time boosting only the skills that i thought that will be needing me. Even if start learning something that i could and should learn on design college, i approach it with 100% dedication, is because i want to - not have to clear exam. And i think that i made right choice.|||A this point most of the time I'm spending on preparing and organize personal projects, while working occasionally working on 1-2 small ones.

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