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Interview with Agustin Sapio from EGO Argentina

Article by Awwwards Team in News - June 06

Today's Q&A is with Agustin Sapio, a 29 year old designer and digital artist and co-founder of EGO Argentina.

Awwwards: Please tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you, where do you come from and where are you going?

Agustin: The famous 3 simple questions that every psychoanalyst would ask their patients! (laughing) And with pleasure I will answer them.I am Lobo, a 29 year old designer and digital artist. I was born in Argentina on October 20, 1982. In my life there are things that have always given me pleasure; and watching the constant growth of the internet is one of them.I began to study design when I was 18, and today, 11 years later, I believe that I have not yet reached my goals. And here is where I´ll answer "where I'm going." Everyone has a goal in their life, and for me it's professional. I want to be recognized for my creativity and my art. I want to be recognized as one of the creators of EGO. It is a simple goal (?), but not easy to achieve.

Awww: What did you do before becoming a designer/developer?

Agustin: After finishing my studies I started to study web design in 2001. This was a career that few people knew and rarely some believed that would be successful. Before becoming a designer, I was just a kid wanting to become an artist.

Awww:  In your opinion, which is the future of the Web? (HTML5, Responsive Design, Flash, Mobile...)

Agustin: Without a doubt I think that mobile is the future. Tomorrow everyone will be “surfing” the web on their TVs and phones, tablets, etc. The digital world will be connected on their phones and internet will use these networks to live in the same digital world.

Awww:  Where do you turn for inspiration?

Agustin: Running is one of my favorite sports. When I need inspiration, I go jogging. Running with music helps me release the energy and focus the mind on the target. There is nothing more inspirational going out and seeing the world around us.

Awww:  Which are your favorite studios, designers or agencies?

Agustin: After being at R/GA, I can hardly forget how impressive it is. So, I think it's one of the best digital agencies in the world. But I cannot forget to mention two other amazing digital agencys, AKQA and Wieden + Kennedy. My favorite designer? My partner, Rik Teruel.

Awww: Tell us about a unique story or funny anecdote related to your work.

Agustin: About a year ago, I met a very special person. His name is Bob Greenberg, and is the creator of R/GA, the digital agency of the decade. But that's not all, the story begins here.One day at R/GA in Buenos Aires, uncle Bob, as we called him, came to visit us. The minutes passed, and Bob did not come. I started getting nervous and left the office. I went to the bathroom, I passed Bob in the hallways. He was lost.For those who do not know him, he is a very impressive and very quiet figure. Looking into my eyes, he asked me: Do you know where can I find the guys from R/GA? I responded telling him that I was one of them. Bob decides to follow me... but I was going to the bathroom! Once inside, he said: "Clearly this is not the office that I rented for Buenos Aires, is it?" At that moment, we both began to laugh and make jokes about it.It was very funny considering that was the first time I saw Bob Greenberg in Buenos Aires.

Awww:  Which are you for: Mac or PC?

Agustin: Mac.

Awww:  Which is your favorite software?

Agustin: Adobe without a doubt.

Awww:  Which city do you live in? Is it a good place for designers?

Agustin: I live in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. It's a very inspiring place where you can find the craziest and most inspirational people in the country.

Awww:  Which technologies are you excited about?

Agustin: Mobile.

Awww:  Tell us about your latest project.

Agustin: The Santander Rio Argentina project is certainly the most important project we have been working on in the past months. We are working on the relaunch of the new site and will certainly be our case study. We have been working on it since October and will do so for a couple of months more, so it will really be the most important work done so far at EGO.

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