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Front-Trends Conference 2013

Article by Decarola in Design & Illustration - May 17

I'd heard a lot of talk about Front Trends conference in Warsaw. The thing that impressed me most was Harry Roberts’ blog post where he compared the conference to "a festival of designers, developers, sun, music and some absolutely stellar talks".

Well, I can confirm his statement.

About the conference

There are many factors that helped Front Trends become one of my favourite conferences ever:

  • Firstly, Three days of conference is a great time commitment to get a break from work and enjoy some great moments of knowledge sharing.

    What’s more, each of these three days had a perfect timing organization, alternating groups of two speakers and (good) food breaks. That means you don't get tired and are always ready to socialize, listen, learn.

    Last but not least, the beer was free (yes, really free).

  • The weather also helped. It was more a mediterranean spring than a Polish one, so lots of people were enjoying food on the grass or in the gazebos around the conference buildings.

    A three-day conference, perfect weather, good food and free beer turned out to be the best mix to let attendees socialize among themselves and with speakers, relaxing and getting inspired by the high quality talks and living one of the best european conference experiences.

  • About the talks

    All the talks were worth hearing. There were talks on tools and techniques, more inspiring ones on user experience and more abstract ones on the current state of browsers and the web in general.

    Jake Archibald with his rendering without lumpy bits and Lea Verou with her the humble border-radius were for me the funniest talks to see live: Jake's jokes and funny way of explaining even complex things, and amazing live coding skills from Lea, were something that you could enjoy only at such an event.

  • Out of all the talks I also recommend:

  • With a few other conferences, Front Trends will be a must-see conference in 2014 too.

    Dzięki i do zobaczenia w przyszłym roku! (Thanks and see you next year!)