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Black Layouts

Article by Awwwards Team in - July 29
Black means class. Today we present one selection of the best black and dark layouts from the css website awards. Some of the site of the day and some not. Black need always a good color combination, sometime just combined with an high contrast color, or with white also.
Anyway Black is the color when we want to be classy! Take a look at our selection!
  • Nue Media

    Nue Media

  • rain creative lab

    rain creative lab

  • visual box

    visual box

  • Yellow Studio

    Yellow Studio

  • Gritti Rollo

    Gritti Rollo

  • Joshua Distler

    Joshua Distler

  • mindwork3d


  • skyskraper


  • Colony I

    Colony I

  • Ocean Sound Recordings

    Ocean Sound Recordings

  • Six Point

    Six Point


  • Cavalier Literary Couture

    Cavalier Literary Couture

  • Yello studio

    Yello studio

  • Jay Hollywood

    Jay Hollywood

  • Carl Rosekilly

    Carl Rosekilly

  • Lithoplus


  • Lucilia Caesar

    Lucilia Caesar

  • Chanel


  • Grid


  • Andrew S Greig

    Andrew S Greig

  • Maksimer

  • Hyperakt

  • The Church of London

  • Step 2 Reality