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8 Girls, a selection of my favorite ladies

Article by Awwwards Team in Design & Illustration - September 22

Most of my favorite designers are women, so today I am showcasting some inspirational female graphic designers with a brief bio on each one. Let’s start the list. Dana Tanamachi A graphic designer, artist and chalk-illustrator. She lives in Brooklyn and is one of the few chalk artist known on the internet designer community. Jessica Hische Fresh and sparkling, another very versatile typography lover, also based in New York. She also works on different kind of projects. Sarah Illenberger She is based in Berlin, works on her own big studio. Sarah is getting very popular these days, you can find her works on many magazines. If you want to know a little bit more about her, take a look at this video. Marian Bantjes She is working internationally from her base on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. I think she is one the most versatile artist that I know. Veerle Pieters Designer and blogger. She is a big expert on CSS too. Definitely, she is an icon in Europe. Meagan Fisher She writes a lot about html, css and design. She also runs many conferences. Don’t miss her! Sasha Prood My favorite typographic illustrator, she sells beautiful art on her website. Miss Van She is "the" writer! Very famous. Her work is showcased in books, walls, painting... Take a look her works, so sexy!

  • Dana Tanamachi

    Dana Tanamachi

  • Jessica Hische

    Jessica Hische

  • Sarah Illenberger

    Sarah Illenberger

  • Marian Bantjes

    Marian Bantjes

  • Veerle Pieters

    Veerle Pieters

  • Meagan Fisher

    Meagan Fisher

  • Sasha Prood

    Sasha Prood

  • Miss Van

    Miss Van