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Humour in Advertising: 25 Funny Ads from

Article by Awwwards - March 02

Do you want your customers to be more receptive to your ads?  A bit of humor is always welcome! If your creative strategy is based in humor, it might not be the best ad, but it will certainly catch people's attention.  TCAInspired thinks that making a good ad is cool, but making a funny ad is better. Enjoy your wednesday with this funny post!

  • 13th Street

    13th Street

  • Alcohol Office of Road Safety

    Alcohol Office of Road Safety

  • Bubbles Sargam

    Bubbles Sargam

  • Waterfall Bose Headphone

    Waterfall Bose Headphone

  • Jade Post-It

    Jade Post-It

  • Pastor Listermint

    Pastor Listermint

  • Snowboard Head

    Snowboard Head

  • Tiger Kodak Rechargeable

    Tiger Kodak Rechargeable

  • Flower Pedigree

    Flower Pedigree

  • Truck Pepsi Light

    Truck Pepsi Light

  • Bracelet Lamisil

    Bracelet Lamisil

  • Airtel


  • Alac: Kitchen

    Alac: Kitchen

  • Alka-Seltzer: New Year

    Alka-Seltzer: New Year

  • Cerveira Art Biennial: Botticelli

    Cerveira Art Biennial: Botticelli

  • Fashion Outlet Zurich: Cow

    Fashion Outlet Zurich: Cow

  • Fur Free: Angry Fox

    Fur Free: Angry Fox

  • Lifebuoy


  • Nikon S60

    Nikon S60

  • One Life

    One Life

  • Queer


  • Stockholms Hundforum (Wanking Dog)

    Stockholms Hundforum (Wanking Dog)

  • TMF: Army

    TMF: Army

  • Squirrel Fiat Panda 4x4

    Squirrel Fiat Panda 4x4

  • Flashlight Maglite

    Flashlight Maglite