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20 Upcoming Conferences all over the World

Article by Awwwards Team in News - March 14

Spring is coming and with it starts the conference season. Conferences and congresses are a great way for designers, developers and creators to learn and get inspired. The best and most influential professionals and speakers attend these international events that have become unavoidable annual dates for designers and developers. In this post we've selected 20 of the best design, development and inspirational upcoming conferences from all over the world. Are you attending any design or web related event this spring? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Things Developers Love

    Things Developers Love

  • FITC Toronto

    FITC Toronto

  • Beyond Tellerand - Play!

    Beyond Tellerand - Play!

  • TNW Conference

    TNW Conference

  • Front Trends Conference

    Front Trends Conference

  • Converge SE

    Converge SE

  • Next Berlin Conference

    Next Berlin Conference

  • Future of Web Design

    Future of Web Design

  • Confab - The Content Strategy Conference

    Confab - The Content Strategy Conference

  • Internet Week New York

    Internet Week New York

  • UXLX - User Experience Lisbon

    UXLX - User Experience Lisbon

  • Interlink Conference

    Interlink Conference

  • Valio Con 2012

    Valio Con 2012

  • Reasons To be Creative

    Reasons To be Creative

  • Ampersnad - The Web Typography Conference

    Ampersnad - The Web Typography Conference

  • Semi Permanent Creative Conferences

    Semi Permanent Creative Conferences