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14 Exceptional Websites Made with HTML5

Article by Awwwards Team in - March 01

One of the great handicaps of web developers is constant evolution in the use of new technologies and programming languages. The arrival of html5 has been a real revolution in web development, opening new opportunities and challenges, but also brings new problems of browser compatibility. Knowing the latest developments made with html5 will allow us to evaluate their potential but also their weaknesses

  • Ben the Bodyguard

    Ben the Bodyguard

  • Toy Story

    Toy Story

  • Nike Better world

    Nike Better world

  • There Studio

    There Studio

  • Simó


  • Carlos Cabo

    Carlos Cabo

  • Novembro


  • Edgar Leijs

    Edgar Leijs

  • For the Record

    For the Record

  • Dribbble


  • Html5 Experiment

    Html5 Experiment

  • S5 Style

    S5 Style

  • Amper Sandrew

    Amper Sandrew

  • This Shell

    This Shell