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Website design inspired by iconic posters

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

Designing a poster is not worlds away from designing a website, or rather, a micro-site. The fundamental principles remain the same: astound and captivate the visitor in those crucial first seconds, relay a clear, uncomplicated, coordinated message explaining the what, the who, the when, and the where. Seems easy, right? Wrong. This is an art form bestowed upon a privileged few.

We challenge you to let yourself be inspired by posters, use your imagination and interact with them; capture their essence and bring it to life with html5, javascript, and CSS animations. We're sure you'll get your creative juices flowing and build something truly spectacular with the selection of posters we have picked out for you:

Resources: Designspiration - Pinterest

Poster Design to Website Design

Axel Aubert - http://axel-aubert.fr

Poster Design to Website Design

Neotokio Summer - http://www.neotokio.it/summer.html