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Web Design Studios Trends: What style have they used for their own sites?

Article by Awwwards in Web Design -

It is always interesting to see what design the creative directors, designers, and agencies have come up with for their own sites; these people who, after all, dedicate their professional lives to creating incredible works of web-art for others. Some might think they would use the most experimental and far-out design solutions around; unleashing their creative juices which they normally keep on a tight leash when designing webs for clients. This isn’t always the case – the vast majority of the websites belonging to agencies, small studios, and creative directors alike are surprisingly functional and deliberately simple.

Websites which feature their portfolio commonly organize the content around a responsive grid of images. This year we have seen an infinite number of one-page designs with vertical scroll and very little parallax. We often see the much criticized plain-color sites, highlighting a noticeable lack of texture in this year’s offerings. Another common element has been the integration of videos, illustrations, and both plain and responsive iconography. But what has really dominated this year has been the full-page photography showcasing the latest projects undertaken by the designer or agency in minute detail.

Here you have our selection of some of the most creative developer, designer, and agency sites which have opted for the clean, simple, and responsive approach to best showcase their work. Keep your eyes peeled for some startling examples which go against the grain.

  • ONY


  • Ale de Carvalho

    Ale de Carvalho

  • Jonathan Da Costa

  • Rezo Zero Interactive Studio

    Rezo Zero Interactive Studio

  • MIXD


  • More Sleep

    More Sleep

  • Pierrick Calvez

    Pierrick Calvez



  • Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy

  • I Shot Him

    I Shot Him

  • Tria


  • 84.Paris


  • Stereo Creative

    Stereo Creative


  • ETCH


  • TRÜF Creative

    TRÜF Creative

  • Bravepeople


  • Mustafa Demirkent

    Mustafa Demirkent

  • Online Department

    Online Department

  • KathArt


  • ELI


  • Media BOOM

    Media BOOM

  • Kitchen Prague

    Kitchen Prague