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Jul 20, 2022

Sound Design for Web Experiences

Sound Design for Web Experiences

Music and sound are proven to have a real effect on the brain by evoking emotions and memories, and we are seeing Sound Design becoming a vital ingredient of WebGL experiences. In this article we'll be exploring, not simple background music, but specially designed Sonoric Landscapes, and Voiceovers to conduct storytelling-based websites.

Sonoric Landscapes

Sonoric Landscapes are experiences that recreate a scenario through its sounds. Fortunately, in web technologies we can easily generate “Spatial Sounds” with the help of the Web Audio API, which allows us to create much more immersive soundscapes. With the Web Audio API we can emulate the difference in sound depending on the distance and orientation of the user to the sound source, which is known as spatialization.

  • Who is playing the guqin by Sound Design

    This webpage was created for the 6th anniversary of Honor of Kings. It describes a story about the pursuit of a mysterious luthier. Please explore it on the phone.

  • Aēsop - Aromatique Candles
    Aēsop - Aromatique Candles by Studio Regale

    A virtual voyage for guests & press to discover 4 lines of Aēsop products. It weaves Mattis Dovier’s original art with unique content in an intimate and personalised digital space.

Voiceover & Storytelling

We’re seeing lots of immersive experiences in WebGL that make use of voiceover to convey and amplify their message; Actually, narrated audio is the purest form of storytelling, but it’s not seen that often in web projects, perhaps because we still have a very “graphic” view of interfaces, and we must now start to normalize the appearance of other senses.

In some of these fantastic sites, the typical cinematographic figure of the omniscient narrator appears, a narrator external to the story who tells us the facts in the third person.

  • The Field
    The Field by Active Theory

    The Field is a desktop, mobile and VR experience bringing to life stories about sustainability and wellness at The Future of Everything Festival, in partnership with WSJ Custom Events.

  • Into the Storm
    Into the Storm by Media.Monks

    Into the Storm is an interactive documentary that charts a real pararescue mission through sweeping CGI and an immersive soundscape. Join the rescue as if you were there.

👉 Plug your headphones in and go for a ride, find more examples in our Sound Design collection.