Art Direction and Design: Automation Tools

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Art Direction and Design: Automation Tools

AI software is becoming more influential in the design industry, and this masterclass has been crafted for professionals ready to use this technology to push the boundaries of their own creativity. AI opens up a whole new world for creatives, and the combination of lectures and hands-on exercises will help participants find their place in it.

This masterclass covers many topics, including the basics of AI and machine learning, the role of AI in the creative process, and practical techniques for leveraging AI to generate ideas, refine concepts and optimize workflow efficiency.

Participants will also learn the ins and outs of ultimate tools such as Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and the wide ecosystem of Data Models to generate jaw-dropping images and animations.

Course details

What it's all about.

  • Pre-requisite

    An open mind and a creative feeling. Any previous knowledge with art, photography, 3d, animation.

  • Course Format

    Online virtual classroom

  • Language

    English with subt.

  • Level


  • Software/ Material list

    Midjourney, Open AI, Stable Diffusion, Editing tool (like Photoshop)

  • Structure

    Pre-recorded Lecture, once-a-week Q&A, individual feedback

  • Categories

    Visual Design, Art, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Concept, Ideation

  • Duration

    10 Weeks

Learning Outcome

  • Learn to leverage Midjourney to experiment with new, fantastical styles.
  • Discover the secrets of Stable Diffusion to produce free AI images.
  • Optimize your software by learning how to best train your AI mode.
  • Explore Dall-E’s inpainting and outpainting features to correct and expand images.
  • Unlock the limitless possibilities of your creativity with the help of AI.


What you will learn
on this course.

  • Lessons
  • Week 1
    AI and Midjourney
    Introduction | What is AI and how it works? | Midjourney, the basics. What can be done in Midjourney? | Get the best of Midjourney Gallery. How to access documentation and troubleshooting | Ethics around AI Create your own metaverse gallery. Fast and Free. | Outro.
  • Week 2
    Stable Diffusion and More Control
    What is Stable Diffusion and differences from Midjourney | How to install and run Stable Diffusion for free on your machine | About models, how to find and how to install and use them | How to train your own models | Tips and tricks to improve SD results
  • Week 3
    SD Deforum - AI Video | Part 1
    How to access and use SD Deforum for videos | Set up of Google Collabs Parameters, what they do and how to use it Due to the extensive nature of this week's assignment, students will be granted a two-week timeframe to complete their final tasks
  • Week 4
    SD Deforum - AI Video | Part 2
    Video input | Interpolation video | 2d and 3d video differences | Tips and tricks
  • Week 5
    Dall-E and Other AI tools
    Introduction to Dall-E | Dall-E inpainting and outpainting | Upscalers Face corrections | Background removers
  • Week 6
    Art, Photography and mastering Midjourney.
    Importance of technical knowledge | Main art movements and history Actual art movements and style | Photography parameters and techniques CGI parameters and techniques
  • Week 7
    Free Stable Diffusion Mastering.
    Tips and tricks on how to get better results with midjourney | How to learn from others | Using prompt helpers | ChatGPT for prompts and stories Image-to-image
  • Week 8
    Preparation and Conquering creativity.
    This week I'll share diverse successful prompts in different areas to give a great base to the participants to work in whatever field they need.
  • Week 9
    Final Project | Part 1
    A take on creativity | Why is important | How creativity works Brain Design Memory - Technique
  • Week 10
    Final Project | Part 2
    Make AI your personal Designer | How to incorporate AI on your Workflow | How to make money with AI
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Mauricio Tonon

Mauricio Tonon

Mauricio Tonon is a multidisciplinary designer and award-winning art director. With over a decade of experience, Mauricio focuses on creating digital experiences that delight and inspire people, finding the balance between form and function, and trying to push the bar a little further every time.

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Course Content

AI software is becoming more influential in the design industry, and this masterclass has been crafted for professionals ready to use this technology to push the boundaries of their own creativity. AI opens up a whole new world for creatives, and the combination of lectures and hands-on exercises will help participants find their place in it.

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