Building Interactive Websites: From Design to Development

Instructed by Niccolò Miranda
Mentored by Niccolò Miranda
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January 24, 2024 Request Syllabus


Building Interactive Websites: From Design to Development

This masterclass covers the fundamentals of UI design for interactive experiences, including UX and motion design. Niccoló Miranda taps into the fun of web design, from experimental visuals to functional story-telling, and allows participants to expand their visual strategy while providing the technical skills to execute big ideas.

Throughout the masterclass, participants will learn to approach design from a code perspective without actually coding, which highlights creative problem-solving and a truly optimized interface. Niccoló covers principles of design such as color, typography, and composition, while prioritizing out-of-the-box thinking that allow professional designers to create successful solutions for their web design goals.

Participants will craft animations and prototypes for their UI designs using tools like Figma and After Effects, which will add not only to their understanding of the design process, but bolster their portfolio as well. By the end of the masterclass, students will gain an understanding of UI design for interactive experience that will allow them to bring their design ideas to life.

Course details

What it's all about.

  • Pre-requisite

    General proficiency in digital design, Figma and Webflow fundamentals

  • Course Format

    Online virtual classroom

  • Language

    English with subt.

  • Level


  • Software/ Material list

    Figma, Webflow

  • Structure

    Pre-recorded Lecture, once-a-week Q&A, individual feedback

  • Categories

    Design, Visual Design, UI Systems

  • Duration

    10 Weeks

Learning Outcome

  • Learn about Figma’s advanced features to set up prototyping and animation systems.
  • Utilize AI tools to streamline the design process and improve efficiency.
  • Expand your visual strategy abilities and confidently execute your ideas.
  • Discover the secrets of Webflow, Figma, Visual Moodboards, and AI tools.
  • Optimize your knowledge and skills to create an immersive website experience.


What you will learn
on this course.

  • Lessons
  • Week 1
    Visual Strategy
    Structure Figma Project | Brief & Analysis | UX Pillars Definition | Visual Moodboard Setup | Visual Moodboard Animation Setup
  • Week 2
    Typography & Colours
    Understanding Context | The Psychology of Color | Typography Fundamentals | Pairing Strategies | Advanced Style Guide Creation
  • Week 3
    UI Prototyping
    Figma Plugins Overview | Sitemap & Flows | Wireframing & Grid System | Content Creation using AI | UI Prototyping | Responsive Design
  • Week 4
    Week 4.Motion Design System
    Motion Principles | Micro-Interactions & Transitions in Figma | After-Effects Web-Based Effect | Using Bodymovin & Lottie.js | Mixing up Figma & After Effects | Blender for Web
  • Week 5
    Webflow CMS Setup
    Webflow Overview | Project Setup | Tips & Tricks | Back-End Overview | Integrations
  • Week 6
    UI Development
    Assets-Setup & Optimization | Webflow & Custom Code | UI Development | Debug UI & Best Practices | Responsive Development
  • Week 7
    Part 1: Animation & Interactions
    Build Advanced Animation using ChatGPT | AI Debug.
  • Week 8
    Part 2: Animation & Interactions
    Webflow IX2 Overview | Resources & JS Libraries | WebGL Intro & Setup
  • Week 9
    Part 1: QA Testing
    Webflow and Lighthouse Audit | Improve Performances, SEO and Accessibility
  • Week 10
    Part 2: QA Testing
    Structure Launch Plan | Conclusion
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Niccolò Miranda

Niccolò Miranda

Niccolo Miranda is a Creative Director, Interactive Designer & Development currently based in Amsterdam. As a multidisciplinary freelancer, he pairs a broad range of creative leadership experience in art direction, UI/UX design, front-end development, and motion design to help companies and agencies around the world achieve their goals.

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Course Content

This masterclass covers the fundamentals of UI design for interactive experiences, including UX and motion design. Niccoló Miranda taps into the fun of web design, from experimental visuals to functional story-telling, and allows participants to expand their visual strategy while providing the technical skills to execute big ideas.

This Course

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