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Apr 3, 2024

Longines Spirit Flyback by Immersive Garden

Longines Spirit Flyback by Immersive Garden

In collaboration with Longines and Reflet Communication, we embarked on an exciting venture to create a captivating digital experience for the new Spirit Flyback timepiece.

Drawing inspiration from the brand's rich heritage and reminiscent thematic elements, our goal was to craft a website that seamlessly blended history, technology, and adventure. Our journey began with a vision to evoke emotion and curiosity, guiding users through a dynamic narrative journey while showcasing the technical sophistication of the Spirit Flyback watch.

Concept creation

Embarking on an exciting creative journey, we set out to craft a captivating website for the new Spirit Flyback timepiece, maintaining thematic elements established in the previous successful campaign, the Longines Spirit Zulu. With aviation, skies, and pioneers as our guiding motifs, our aim was to create a digital experience that echoed the adventurous spirit of exploration while showcasing the technical sophistication of the timepiece.

The concept for the Longines Flyback website was born out of a desire to transport users into the captivating world of aviation, exploration, and technical excellence. Drawing inspiration from Richard Byrd's pioneering expedition to the Antarctic, the website aimed to emulate the spirit of adventure and courage, while also highlighting the advanced features of the Longines Flyback watch.

The design team envisioned a narrative-driven journey where users would scroll through visually stunning 3D Antarctic landscapes, with Byrd's plane soaring overhead. To achieve this, we utilized real-time WebGL technology, allowing for dynamic visual effects that captured the directional changes made possible by the Longines Flyback watch.

Flyback Figma Scroll
Flyback Blender

Sound design

Sound design played a crucial role in enhancing the immersive experience of the website. Building upon the success of previous campaigns, where sound was instrumental in evoking emotion and engagement, we curated a soundtrack tailored to complement each section of the website.

For the editorial portion, resembling a journal, the music conveyed a sense of curiosity, discovery, and reflection, echoing the historical significance of the Longines Flyback watch and its technical prowess. This segment aimed to educate and captivate users, offering insights into the intricate design and storied past of the timepiece.

In contrast, the experiential 3D scenes called for a dynamic and immersive soundscape, evoking a sense of adventure, excitement, and wonder. The soundtrack here shifted gears to heighten the visual spectacle, transporting users into the heart of the Antarctic skies alongside Richard Byrd's legendary flight.


Styles: Sass preprocessor
WebGL: Three.js
3D Assets: Blender
Motion: GSAP
Scroll manager: Custom

Company Info

Nestled in Paris, Immersive Garden is a digital production studio with a tight-knit crew of designers, developers, and producers who share a genuine passion for crafting meaningful digital experiences. Our studio isn't just about work; it's about the vibe. You'll find us huddled together, brainstorming ideas, and laughing over coffee. Our projects, whether websites, installations, or apps, bear the mark of this good cohesion, reflecting our meticulous attention to detail. We pride ourselves on merging ingenious design with tech to give brands a digital edge with a remembering life experience.