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Interview with Tomáš Silný, Creative director and Web designer at PositiveZero

Article by Awwwards in Design & Illustration -

It isn't easy being a web designer. It requires extensive training in a multitude of disciplines. Through our interviews, we attempt to seek out those designers who are keen to share their vision of the industry with us, to let us in on their journey to becoming the people they are today, to share their inspirations and expertise with us…

Learning first-hand the tools used by top web designers in their creative process and project execution is priceless.

Today we are joined by Tomáš Silný Creative director and Web designer at PositiveZero and entrepreneur at Socifi.com | @TomasSilny

Question What qualities should a web designer have? Do you think they are more limited by technical requirements compared to other disciplines?

The only limit is a lack of passion and enthusiasm for work. As in any field of design, even webdesign, things cannot be only beautiful but also need to be functional. Knowledge of technologies, UX, trends and standards simply belong to webdesign and that’s the essence for our work. The digital train waits for no-one, once you get off, it is very hard to catch it up again.

The digital train waits for no-one, once you get off, it is very hard to catch it up again.
  • QuestionWhat will the designer’s role be in the world of standards-based apps?

    Standards-based apps, mobile first approach, an emphasis on user experience. These are the lines that outline the pitch. We respect these rules that proved to work for us but they don’t influence the creativity itself. We design websites which are bigger, more challenging, and more fun than ever before. On the other hand, we are developing exactly the same sites for mobile devices where we focus on speed and optimization. It takes considerable creativity and knowledge and I am very interested in how is story telling on mobile devices going to evolve in the near future.

     QuestionWhere do you look for inspiration in your day-to-day work?

    There are many things that inspire me - everyday life, colleagues, news about the industry, new technologies, professional and other media, the work of other agencies, the development of UX design patterns, music or nature. Each project we create is different. Each of them fulfills other strategic objectives and includes many sources of inspiration. Sometimes when creating a logo you can find the idea of a stretched piece chewing gum or a cloud floating in the sky useful. Simple pictorial associations, such as the Rorschach test. But the web design is a bit more complicated...

  • QuestionWhich blogs, web applications or mobile apps do you check or use every day?

    Awwwards.com of course. From the position of judge it is more difficult now, judging others is never easy. I like Pinterest, definitely. Twitter, Google Drive, iBooks on iPad mini - no more paper books. :) I search for news on mashable.com. Patterntap.com is great for finding the best UX solutions and another favourite one is Behance.com. I shouldn’t forget Linkedin. It is a great site for searching for new opportunities and contacts.

  • Question What do you do when you’re not working?

    We are currently working on several internal projects and therefore this question doesn’t apply to me at the moment. If everything goes well and we are fast enough, I hope I will be able to share them with you. When we finish them I would be happy to get back to in-line skating, squash, skiing, diving, reading, and cultural events.

  • Question Which city do you live in? Is it a good place for designers?

    Prague. Well known “hundred spires mother of cities” as you can see in the photos :). It gets better and better every year. It will not take long for Prague to become a European Silicon Valley. We are happy to have loads of innovators and talented people working in creativity, design, technology and marketing.

  • Question You mentioned, that you are working on your own project, can you tell us what is going on? Why did you decide for your own startup?

    Everyone within our agency at least once solved the common problem: how to get connected to the internet on various places out of our home or office and abroad. Everyone tried to get connected in restaurants, hotels, public places etc. WiFi is all around. But we couldn't get it coz it was locked. So much wasted potential. We also struggled with idea to propose to our clients different WiFi in our meeting room. We are the digital agency and we aimed to support our brand and pull our clients into the mix. Then we looked for the solution for a long time and we finally decided to develop our own system. We employed our UX and digital campaigns experience. And we found Socifi.

  • Tomas Silny Interview

    Socifi is free public WiFi hotspot solution with social media features and probably the first monetizing and RTB advertising platform open for free WiFi providers and advertisers. You know how customers desire free WiFi and businessmen love to earn money? So we joined providers', advertisers' and customers' desires together. Voilá! The win-win-win model was born.

  • Tomas Silny Interview

    We are still looking for investors, skillful businessmen, and PR specialists from Europe, USA and Russia, so if anybody is interested, let me know! ;-) May the WiFi be with you.