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Jun 13, 2011

I Wonder: The Golden Book

I Wonder: The Golden Book
Printed in China, published in London, and designed by an amazing Canadian woman, I Wonder is one of the best books of 2010. I pre-ordered it through Amazon, and I can savour every golden detail. Marian Bantjes is one of the most artistic typographers I have ever come across, and in this book she talks about her life, career, love, emotions, and lots of letters. Is incredible how versatile, and colorful this book is on every single page – I have never seen any book like this. For me, it is my Bible. You can easily buy it here

“The simpler, the better is the lesson for designers. That design should be the servant to the master of content. The designer's job is only to clear the path, and do nothing that would detract from the focus of the text.”

Marian Bantjes