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Jun 8, 2023



Introducing the latest book from Awwwards, exploring new technologies like AI, AR, VR, no-code tools, and Web3 in the digital industry. Discover the future of innovation and how businesses are creating unique experiences. Stay ahead of the digital revolution!

In the awwwards annual of 2018, we conceived the cunning idea of having a chatbot write our foreword (°◊°). Way back then (just four years ago) these artifacts were so rudimentary, that the chatbot only ended up suggesting a few phrases that actually made sense. Today, in 2023, no one could distinguish if this very text has been written by a human or an AI.

Hot Right Now 2023 by Awwwards

So yes, we might even go as far as to name ourselves’prophets’ in our previous editions, in which we extensively explored the emergence of artificial intelligence, surveillance, the spread of fake information, censorship, technological wars, bioengineering, and the decline of technological enthusiasm and optimism.

Perhaps there was something special in the air, something emanating from sentiment analysis on social media, a glimpse that allowed us to imagine the approaching wave of superior knowledge. A whisper, a cosmic radiation heralding splendid, yet immensely complex times for the human mind.

A contemporary Landscape for Digital Thinkers

This volume is a compilation of essays and thought pieces from prominent designers and digital creatives, confronting topics including, but not limited to: Virtual and Augmented Reality, the transition to no-code tools, and how AI is reshaping the digital industry.

  • Web3 is Revolutionizing the Auto Industry
    By Frédéric Paquet
  • Sustainable Infrastructures for Design and Development
    By Mat Moses
  • Breaking the no-code barriers with Webflow
    By Ilja van Eck
  • The Experience of Building the Game “nouvelle Réalité”
    By Romain Penchenat
  • A More Intelligent Web in 2023
    By Lan Zhang
  • How AI is changing the landscape of typography towards future scenarios
    By Gianpaolo Tucci
  • The metaverse revolution: the good, the bad and the ugly… 
    By Andreas Panagiotopoulos
  • Building a healthy relationship with OSS
    By Franco Arza
  • When Art Meets Technology: How AI is Reshaping the Graphic Design Industry
    By Alex Tkachev
  • AI is awesome!
    By Mauricio Tonon
  • What about that “no-code” thing? 
    By Jonathan Morin
  • Trend based design vs brand based design
    By Norman Dubois
  • Democratizing the web, the digital world is for everyone
    By Rodolpho Henrique

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