Apr 12, 2013

Digital Dinner Amsterdam Write-up

Digital Dinner Amsterdam Write-up

On May 20 I attended the second edition of Digital Dinner Amsterdam. It's an annual event where 100 people within the creative and digital fields are invited for a night of fine dining, networking and watching inspiring presentations by some of today's digital innovators. 

At the dinner it was a good mix of people. Aside from the presenters, I socialised with dudes/dudettes from some well known companies such as Tribal DDB, Hyper Island, Achtung! Perfect Fools, Random Studios and many more.

The presenters menu offered five main courses during the evening:

  • Ted Persson, CCO at Great Works
    Ted presented one of Great Works' latest projects, "Our/Vodka", and explained the journey of how working with one of the world's most famous alcohol brands, Absolut, inspired them to launch their own vodka.
  • Carl Waldekranz, Founder and CEO at Tictail
    In ten months Tictail went from being three guys weekend-hacking in a Stockholm apartment, to serving over 10,000 online shops and counting. Carl shared his inspiring story of how Tictail became the "Tumblr of E-commerce".
  • Jim Haven, ECD at Creature
    Jim presented one of Creature's internal projects, Cheapstaprint, a DIY instagram printer.
  • Robert Bader, Interactive Director at Unit9
    Robert took the audience through some of the challenges that the Unit9 team had to tackle during production of the impressive WebGL Chrome Experiment "Find Your Way To Oz".
  • Maximilian Madile, Tech Lead at Google Creative Labs
    Last up was Maximilian, who gave the dinner guests a tiny glimpse of what it's like to work in the Creative Labs department of the tech giant.

All in all, it was a great evening. Personally, I felt that Ted and Carl's presentations were the most interesting ones, since they talked about things I hadn't already seen or read about before. I also had high hopes for the Google Creative Labs talk, but I would have enjoyed a longer presentation, as a lot of time was dedicated to showing us the brilliant Chrome Web Lab, which I'm pretty sure 100% of the 100 internet-pro dinner guests have already seen plenty of.

The event was hosted by Emerce, in collaboration with Bert Hagendoorn, Achtung!, Pop The Campaign and Creative Social, supported by Adobe and Media Monks.

Thanks to them for organising it and hope to see you next year!

One last thing, a shout out to the guy sitting one chair over on my left: Yes, I stole your dessert while you were at the bar, it was gooooooood!


Georgios Athanassiadis @jaargo

Photography by Merten Snijders

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